Feliks Investigations Group LLC provides complete in-depth investigation services to government, state, and local municipalities. We bring professional, reliable, discrete, comprehensive, and experienced investigators from multiple works to provide the most knowledgeable and accurate reports. We utilize customers’ needs to train and provide qualified investigators that are tailored to your needs.

Our main goal is to utilize our professional skill set, education, and life experiences to enable the agency and to achieve their goals at present time and future work projects. To secure a position with our government agencies that will benefit from our commitment to pursue higher quality standards in criminal justice field.

Background Checks Agreement

The information contained in this report has been obtained through different public records and online resources. These resources are not always accurate or complete. Please understand that public record providers can have incorrect information, misfiled reports, or cases, and not be maintained on the daily basis. Also, please understand that there may be more than one person with the same name as the person involved in this report. Consequently, Feliks Investigations Group LLC cannot and does not guarantee that this information is without errors. If the information from this report does not report all the information that the client needed, Feliks Investigations Group LLC is not responsible and has no refunds for the background checks after the agreement.

Additional identification is required to ensure that this information is accurate therefore, we do not accept liabilities which can arise from the use of this information. By accepting this report, you accept that you will use this information with strict compliance of any local, state, and national laws including the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Public Law 91-508, and any other local, state, or national regulations. Client and Agency both agree to keep each other fully advised of new developments or data that could be considered helpful or damaging to the investigation. Agency and Client will keep one another “in the loop” as new leads and developments are discovered by Agency or Client. Agency and Client agree to keep all the information regarding this matter confidential.

Surveillance Investigations

Should Agency discover that Client is keeping information that jeopardizes the investigation; puts Agency and investigator’s safety at risk; opens Agency to liability issues and concerns; or discusses the ongoing investigation or releases personal information regarding to the investigation through a 3rd party or directly to the subject/s that is being investigated, the Agency will terminate the investigation and NO REFUNDS will be refunded back to the client. No photos or any evidence given by the investigator to the client should be shown to the subject. If the client does so, the Agency will terminate the investigation and NO REFUNDS will be refunded back to the client.

I have read all the above and filled out all the information to the best of my knowledge. I, the undersigned, also promise not to use any information obtained by Feliks Investigations Group LLC in any way that would be considered unlawful in the State of New Hampshire or Commonwealth of Massachusetts, VT, and Florida.

Client understands that if Agency is found liable for the failure to perform any of the obligations listed in the first section of this agreement, the Agency’s liability shall be limited to the sum no greater than Two Hundred Fifty Dollars – $250 – as liquidated damages and not as a penalty. Furthermore, this liability applies to the direct or indirect actions of Agency and includes Agency’s agents, employees, representatives, subcontractors, 3rd party database service providers, and Agency associates.

Estimated Costs:

Surveillance Hours (4 Hour Minimum):

$100 an hour

Report Writing:

$100 an hour

Investigator Research:

$100 an hour

Vehicle GPS Tracker Installation:

$750 for one round (approximately 12-14 days)

GPS Tracker Report:

(1 weekly report minimum) $199

Undercover Investigator:

(4 Hour minimum) $100 an hour

Miscellaneous Expenses:

Vary per case

Phone/Tablet Forensics:


Computer Forensics:


Missing Person Search:

$120 an hour


$.55/mile: on every case

Employment Background Check:



(4 Hour Minimum) $100 an hour

Executive Protection Services

(unarmed) (4 Hour Minimum) $200 hourly

Phone/Email/Text/Correspondence Erased:



Thereafter, if the client for any reason should instruct the investigation to be terminated, $0 of said retainer fee shall be non-refundable to offset Feliks Investigations Group, LLC loss of business and time that was used to setup the CLIENT’s case. A credit of the whole amount left will be accessible to the client to be used in the future within 60 days. After 60 days, the client does not have any credits left with Feliks Investigations Group LLC. A cancelation statement will be provided to the CLIENT and will itemize the fees associated with the cancelation of the case. All sales are final and no refund per our policy.